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GARAGE DOOR COMPLAINTS was started in July 2014 by Joseph Lucey owner of Best garage Door Company of over 37 years. His father now retired after 53 years in the garage door and gate industry owned Universal garage door in Long Beach, Ca.

My family believes in honestly and integrity in any retail, wholesale and manufacturing business and it's what you the home owner should expect as well. Below is a list on manufactures and their address spend the time to write a letter of complaint and mail it off. Making your comments known on our web site give a show of support and information for others to do the same. There are a few examples of letters you can cut and paste and add your own view. is a well needed site within our industry that will force the improved integrity within the garage door industry. We want to see quality of products and services to home owners that are being cheated and ripped off weekly by garage door manufacturers, companies and their employees. I encourage the public to demand high values or ethics out of the garage door companies that serve you.

We need to put a stop to the decline in the garage door industry, thats been going on for a long time now with little help and direction from the manufactures or wholesalers and the garage door associations. Dishonorable garage door companies continue to get supplied with new parts and new machines to continue to selfishly cheat and rip off good hard working people.

With this web site you the consumers can now stand up and report these companies with your own words in a honest evaluation as to how you got cheated or ripped off. Let others know about the scams in your complaint to help prevent other home owners from getting cheated and ripped off. Maybe within time the manufactures, wholesalers and the garage door associations will listen and will participate in running the bad guys out of the industry.

I will be adding an area here for manufactures because it seems they to have been adding to this problem. Disappointing consumers with low quality garage door openers and parts through the home building stores. It seems people have to jump through hoops to get fast phone service, proper advice, and warranty parts mail fast from the manufactures.

These same manufactures have policy's in place that prevent us garage door companies from handling all your warranty service or part exchange so you could get faster service. The professional garage door openers we buy are with the same parts as the home building store unites but the factory won't let us handle the warranty on these unites.

That's not fair to you or to us within the garage door industry.

I believe for one, that if your need for fast service is denied. Then it forces you to go out and buy another garage door opener unite. All I can say is GREED

The kicker is if genie over the phone gives you bad service you're more likely to go out and buy a Chamberlin Liftmaster garage door opener. If the Chamberlin Liftmaster company gives you bad service then you might buy a Genie. Most home building stores only offer these two garage door openers to buy. Sears sells the craftsman garage door openers made by Chamberlin Liftmaster and they put sears craftsman name on the machine. Its a nice set up they have created. YA? FIGHT BACK LET YOUR RIENDS KNOW ABOUT THIS WEB SITE IF THEY HAVE A PROBLEM.

Joseph Lucey
owner of
Best garage Door Company Los Angeles, Ca.


Mr. Squarepaints 6/16/2024

I purchased your product with believing you have a produce of quality and longevity. Reading your advertisements and hearing radio commercial indicated to me that you took pride it a product you manufacture.

The product I purchased 10 months ago has been faulty. I have been calling your customer service department as this garage door opener is still covered by your warranty. Trying to receive help from your company has been less then professional. I wish to have someone from your company respond by letter so I may resolve this problem or please send me back a full refund of my purchase so I may be able to recoup my losses of a faulty garage door opener.

Please respond ASAP with a name and phone number of someone that can help move this issue forward.

Thank You

Mrs. Unhappy


Mr. Squarepaints 6/16/2024

Please take the time to help me with a garage door opener I bought from _____________

I have had it for a short period of time. There is a problem with this garage door opener that hasn't been resolved and its going on two weeks.

I bought this garage door opener in good faith believing that your company manufacture quality products please contact me ASAP so as to resolve this issue.

Thank You

Mrs. Unhappy


The Genie Company
One Door Drive P.O. Box 67 Mt. Hope, OH 44660

Customer Support: 800-354-3643
Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. EST
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST


The Chamberlain Group Inc. 845 Larch Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126 USA
(630) 279-3600

Chamberlain provides technical support Monday through Friday from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.

Use the chart below for our business hours for each time zone.


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Mon - Fri

5AM - 6PM

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7AM - 4PM

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6AM - 3PM

7AM - 4PM

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11AM - 8PM

You can reach Chamberlin / Liftmaster technical support staff by calling


Our garages are a necessity in our lives that we generally take for granted until it’s broken. Only then do we stop to think how important it is in our daily lives storing our memories, possessions and treasures safely. Here are a few tips for your garage doors.

Wood garage door advice
Wood garage doors are more resistant to most damage compared to metal garage doors except for termites or water damage do to rain, snow if the garage door is not well painted and cared for. To care for your metal garage doors, inspect regularly for dents, cracks and scratches. Also, check for any rust that can permanently ruin the door. Wooden doors must be varnished or painted every so often to ensure that it is not exposed to water for prolonged periods. You could also get your doors inspected by a professional who can identify some damage that an untrained eye could miss.

Advice for lubricating garage door hardware
Garage Door Springs and hardware should be oiled once a month with a quality lubricant. Motor oil is the best to use, a light oil such as WD-40 can be used as well. Oil all moving part your garage door and hardware you can also refer to your factory data or spec sheet if available. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door safety inspection advice
Garage doors, hardware, springs and garage door openers should be checked for loose or broken parts at least four times a year you can do your monthly oiling at the same time as the safety inspection. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door operators advice
Need very little maintenance if it’s a chain drive opener oil the chain with a 20 or 30 weight motor oil once every 3 to 5 years depending on location. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door operators
Need very little maintenance if it’s a screw drive opener multi purpose grease should be used on the screw shaft every 2 to 3 years depending on location and how often you use your garage door operator. You can buy this grease at any hardware or home build store. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Advice for painting your garage door
Keeping your garage door properly painted will keep you garage door lasting for ever. Always paint your garage door around October or November this will keep a fresh coat of paint on the garage door for the rainy winter season. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Balancing a garage door
If you have a garage door that weights 200lbs you want 200lbs of spring tension to keep it balanced. As garage door springs get older they loose tension you should have your garage door rebalanced every 5 to 7 years if you haven’t had any broken springs. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Broken garage door spring advice
When you have a broken garage door spring it’s normally cheaper to replace the other springs then to pay for a second service call with in a short period of time. Always call a professional to replace your broken springs. Having the proper springs and the proper balance is important to the longevity of a garage door opener. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

Garage door safety
Garage door safety should be on everyone’s mind. You may not read about the deaths and injuries that are caused at home from broken garage doors, garage door springs, garage door hardware and sectional garage doors but they happen. Always be in full sight of the garage door when opening and closing the garage door. Keep all moving parts on the garage door and hardware oiled and keep up the inspections for loose or broken parts. Have your garage door professional service at least every 5 years.

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